I am not particularly eager to share the story of the summer, of a long and uncertain few months following ordination to the transitional diaconate and graduation from seminary. Rather, what you might find on this blog going forward is stories drawn from the varied worlds in which I move these days. I am currently splitting my time between a second unit of Clinical Pastoral Education, work at two cruise ship terminals for a seafarer’s mission, and parish life. It is likely that the stories found here will be a bit intense; my weeks are filled with pastoral care at the bedside of those with metastatic cancer and AIDS, with sick mothers and sick babies, and with staff run ragged and burned out. On other days I provide hospitality for cruise ship crew members from all over the world, offering phone and internet access and money wires to some of the “invisible people” who work unreasonably long hours in difficult conditions so Americans can have cheap, all-inclusive vacations. But in all of these things there is still a place for grace and the holy, and I hope to share that too. In the midst of all of this, there is the challenge of building a life after seminary and of learning to survive in a fast, expensive city without being surrounded by classmates. There’s the issue, and struggle, and hopes surrounding learning who will remain in touch in this post-seminary existence, the delight upon discovering a mutual intention, and the hurt upon finding out expectations don’t match with someone else’s. There are the wonderful moments of parish life, the healing power of the weekly liturgy, coupled with the strange experience of living on church property. And, as there has been for almost seven years now, there is my life at home, with my husband and dog and sneezing cat. That, in all of this, is my constant refuge.


~ by Sophia on October 8, 2009.

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  1. Good to find you again, Sophia…I’m sorry that the summer has been so tough, but glad to reconnect and interested to hear what is happening as you catch glimpses of God in such very different places.

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