Wow – I’m writing it again – “I haven’t posted in a while.”

So, let’s see what’s going on.

-Two possibilities for assistant’s positions in my diocese (one at a smallish parish in a county seat and another in Big Rich Parish) haven’t panned out. Very few parishes are hiring. Vestries have pulled back on expenditures and in some places actually panicked.

-I am being considered for a deacon in charge/priest in charge position in a small urban mission parish. This is the sort of work I’d really like to do but had not planned on doing it this soon. I am unsure of whether to be excited or terrified. I keep fearing I’m seriously underestimating the learning curve. I should know more after Easter. I do know that the package is reasonable, they have housing, the city is accessible to me, and it would be a good commute for my husband to many places.

-My husband does not have a job yet either. This graduating at the same time thing sounded great at one point… but no longer.

-We are running out of money and trying to figure out how we will make it stretch through the next few months. I’m liquidating our last remaining assets (an IRA) this month. I sure hope God has a plan to get us out of this.

-Field ed is going well. I finally feel like I’ve almost gotten a sense of the place and now it’s time to go. Recently I’ve led a well-received quiet day on grief and loss, preached without notes at the evening service (practicing what I’m learning in my extemporaneous preaching class) and provided ideas and moral support to the committee that’s trying to re-make the alternative service. I just recently discovered that had I wanted to, I could have had a real impact on the Sunday evening service. It is, in many ways, its own little congregation. One of my regrets is not having discovered how much I could have done as part of this group earlier.

-In other field ed news I’m preaching twice during Holy Week – for Good Friday and the Easter Vigil. My first Easter sermon, as my associate rector keeps reminding me. Wow. I LOVE the Easter Vigil. I am so excited to preach for it… and nervous.

-Emotionally, this has been the hardest semester of seminary so far. I am a mess dealing with all of the transition stuff and the not knowing and the grief of leaving and the things left to do here. I’m struggling even more than I thought I would.

-I get ordained to the diaconate in 6 weeks. Wow. I am trying to figure out to “prepare” for this coming reality. I’m not even sure what I should be doing. I’m very very excited and overwhelmed and nervous and grateful…

-I seem to be using run-on sentences a great deal tonight. Oh well.


~ by Sophia on April 1, 2009.

3 Responses to “Update”

  1. Oh my goodness – such alot on your plate my friend. Sending love & prayers your way

  2. The last semester was absolutely the worst for me, too, for all the reasons you mention.The deployment thing is crazy making…hope you find a good place soon!

  3. We are walking the same bumpy path, my friend. No job yet. Preaching on Easter (yikes) as well as on Good Friday. Ordination in nine weeks.Wondering if the Field Ed site is going to offer me their job, and wondering if that is where God wants me to go. Wondering if I have the cojones to apply for other clery-in-charge positions.Thinking that I really would like to move out of this townhouse and into something nicer, until I remember the Bataan Death March that moving entails.I think I need a trip to the islands or something.wait. We can’t afford it. Damn.

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