Seven things meme

This is your basic goofy meme that is going around. I’ve got a few half-written posts saved as drafts but for now this is what’s getting posted.

Seven random things about me –

1) I hate eggs. Really, seriously. Not dislike, HATE. No idea why that started. I just think they’re gross in all forms. Yes, I eat things made from non-obvious egg (cake, challah, etc.) and I’ve been know to choke down fried rice and quiche when absolutely necessary (but I’ll like you better if you don’t put me in the position of having to do that). But ick, I really really hate eggs. I hate the smell, the taste, the texture… Ew – eggs.

2) I played viola in high school orchestra. I was AWFUL and I hated practicing (therefore I was last chair!) but I didn’t care. I just loved being there and being part of making music with a huge group. Sometimes in life it’s important to be outstanding. Other times it’s nice just to be there. I pride myself on knowing the difference.

3) I like archery (and have been reasonably good at it on occasion) but have never shot a gun.

4) I hate dusting, folding, ironing, and any chore involving cleaning the floor (mopping, sweeping, etc.) I love doing dishes by hand, doing laundry, and anything else that lets me play in water and make things clean.

5) I want my next dog to be over 100 pounds. I prefer working breeds and giant breeds and I don’t respect the owners of the itty bitty dogs I see all over the city.

6) If I wasn’t becoming a priest I’d be… gosh, I don’t know anymore. Something in post-secondary counseling/student life, healthcare, or social services. In that order. Wait, didn’t I already consider all of those things? I really want to be a priest.

7) My favorite psalm, no contest, is Psalm 139.


~ by Sophia on July 28, 2008.

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