The Purple Stole

In the laundry room of my building we have a “swap” table. If you have something that’s in good condition that you don’t want you can leave it there and it will usually get picked up by someone. Often the table doesn’t have anything particularly exciting – maybe a novel someone already read at the beach, a dish rack that doesn’t fit on the tiny counter in someone’s kitchen, or perhaps a a dvd that nobody watches anymore.

Every now and then, however, there are incredible finds on the swap table.

Yesterday I snagged the swap table item of the year – A purple stole!

It appears new. It has an alpha and an omega embroidered in gold and gold and purple fringe on the bottom. There’s a gold cross embroidered at the neck. It’s beautiful!

I have no idea why someone would have given away a stole, but there it was, sitting neatly beside some old dvds and an obsolete-looking computer monitor.

Now it’s sitting on my desk. It’s my first piece of priest gear (cassock/surplice and alb don’t count) and it’s just kind of neat to see it sitting there. My husband thinks it’s fitting that a purple stole suddenly appeared in my life because people have a tendency to share all kinds of confidential information with me, especially when I’m not expecting it.


~ by Sophia on July 12, 2008.

4 Responses to “The Purple Stole”

  1. Sounds to me like someone would have given away a stole because God knew it was just what you and your desk needed. 🙂

  2. My purple stole is my favorite. I fell in love with the purple seasons during college. I love them even more than the celebrations the lead us up to, I think! They are so rich and the focus on preparation is always a blessing to me. Purple, then, might be the color for that liturgical season called “seminary”!

  3. I loved the give-away table, but the best thing I ever got was a commentary on Isaiah…a stole–way cool!

  4. Perfect for you! Enjoying catching up on your blog. PS – The videos will be fine. Let’s start simple.

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