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I’m working on a few different ideas for blog posts, but no idea when I’ll post them. It’s getting busier and more interesting in my corner of the world. The time remaining to get things done is starting to seem more limited.

Since my last post I’ve –

– gotten two new preaching assignments, both of which are coming up very soon.

– spent time at a parish near my field parish trying to figure out how to feed more hungry homeless and poor people on less money than the my parish is currently spending; it seems to require cobbling together a dizzying array of resources from different places.

– gotten some good clarity on some of my other summer field ed projects, finally.

– somehow gotten conscripted to direct a film on vocations for my diocese, which shows exactly how little experience with the things the rest of the folks involved have. They’re starting at something like 2 on a scale of 0-100, I’m at maybe 9. Yikes!

– been in the nyc pride march with my field parish. That will wind up being a blog post of its own; It was an absolute blast – one of the most enjoyable events I’ve been part of in 2 years in nyc. However, I’ve been thinking through a lot of the very serious issues underlying the party atmosphere. I don’t want to post something that essentially says “yay, gay culture is fun!” without a more nuanced discussion of what I, as a straight person, do and do not know about the experiences of glbt people. That will be another blog post to be posted sometime soon.


~ by Sophia on July 3, 2008.

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