the summer begins

Still working on leftover stuff from the semester.

Spent last weekend at home at a family wedding (is there something wrong with me if one of the highlights was the gorgeous Belgian draft horse pulling the bride’s carriage? Before I was a church geek I was a horse geek!) Things went well, people got married, everyone behaved (well, except for some of the groomsmen, who were, well, tacky) and my husband’s relatives seem to be getting used to the idea that there is going to be not just a pastor in the family but a girl priest from that far out crazy liberal denomination called Episcopalians.

Went to visit my home parish, which seemed to go fine. Spoke to them without notes. What I said seemed well received. People were funny; they clearly think NYC is another planet and cannot imagine why I love living here so much. You’d think they were hundreds of miles away instead of not much over 100.

Lots going on, most of it not appropriate blog material. Life is going on around me even during the Summer of Sloth; pastoral conversations have been had when I least expected them to happen, a hospital visit has been made, and I am reminded over and over again that I never really know what God is up to in my life or in anyone else’s for that matter.


~ by Sophia on May 22, 2008.

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