Odds and ends

Nothing profound that I really want to write at the moment, just some mundane updates about life in my corner of the universe…

Yesterday was the 2008 graduation. It was, as this seminary’s graduations always are, spectacular. We always have a morning prayer and then a final eucharist right before graduation, so the day was really 3 services compressed into one morning. I was lucky enough to get asked to fill in as a sacristan at the last minute. I was thrilled, especially since I got to be a greeter (a job I don’t do anymore since I’m a day captain.) I was so happy to talk to everyone on the way in with their families in tow.

Random snapshots of the day-
– What has to be the world’s fastest candlestick switch, which happened between morning prayer and eucharist. Sacristan (me) puts candles out, another brings in solemn (read: big) candlesticks and takes away smaller ones, I light the new candles, poof! If you blinked you missed it! 😉
– Having a second, as the procession lined up for eucharist, to touch the student preacher’s shoulder and smile in what I hoped was a reassuring way.
– Standing alone in the back of the chapel, blinking, eyes watering, repeating “you will not cry” in my head over and over again as I chanted the Lord’s prayer with the class of 08 for the last time.
– Goofing off waiting outside in cassock and surplice with my torch, ready to help lead the graduates into the chapel for commencement.
– Laughing with the staff who blow bubbles at the procession every year.
– The cheer that went up from the Class of 08 when the tower chimes played the closing changes signaling the beginning of the procession.
– Clapping and cheering for the M. Div. recipients after they received their degrees.
– Almost falling asleep during the awarding of honorary degrees. I was hot and tired and crammed into the reader’s stall with another person. Zzzz…
– Seeking to hug and congratulate every person in a purple hood! Snapping photos of happy, champagne wielding people.

After graduation we went to lunch with a bunch of people, and then I came home and napped. 7:15 in the sacristy plus a lot of emotion and adrenaline had knocked me out.

Last night there was a birthday party for a senior (that’s us now!) It was one of those parties with a little bit of everything – some odd moments, some dancing, some good drinks, some serious conversation, some strangeness, and a big slobbery dog at the end. My husband and I had a great time (and there was plenty to comment on when we got home!) It was a great beginning to what my classmates are calling “the Summer of Sloth.”

Today, I wrote an ember day letter, helped clean up the chapel, worked on a paper, did laundry, ran errands, agreed to re-do the summer chapel customary – fun! (liturgy geek alert!), and decided that all of this free time might not be so bad after all.


~ by Sophia on May 15, 2008.

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