Two busy days…

Lots going on here in seminary-land.

Today – (mardi gras beads seem to be all over campus)
Finally, the first meeting of my fifth course for the semester.
Training my new sacristan team.
Inductions of new guild members.
Watching a talented and very qualified friend become the new Chief Sacristan.
Guild party.
Morning, afternoon and evening classes.
Watching super Tuesday results come in.

Prayer service for new sacristans at crack of dawn.
Morning prayer.
Hearing 3 meditations in observance of Ash Wednesday.
Noon eucharist and ashes on the Close.
Heading to St. Paul’s Chapel (across from Ground Zero) to impose ashes for visitors there.
Evening eucharist at field ed.

And my new sacristan team serves for the first time this week too.

I also have to learn how my field ed parish does stations of the cross, because I’m leading them next week.

Not to mention all the work/reading/stuff that I’m supposed to be doing.

Whew! I need a nap just looking at the list!


~ by Sophia on February 5, 2008.

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