Passing a torch

One of the great joys of my (soon to be over) Winter Break has been the opportunity to pass the responsibility for the seminary’s clothing ministry on to three dedicated and energetic juniors. We recently moved the whole operation due to the impending demolition of the building that used to house it. It was not a fun move. Very few people were in town, so those that were able to help were tired, dirty, and exhausted when it was over. I was glad that nobody got hurt; there were a lot of steps to negotiate and a number of heavy items to move.

In addition to all the boxes and bags we hauled across the street to the new space, we gave away a ridiculous amount of clothes to the Salvation Army. The total was something like 22 bags and 10 boxes of items that were serviceable but so ugly or outdated that none of our clients would be caught on the street in them. There were also the completely strange items – for instance, what would our clients, most of whom live on the street or in shelters, do with a pink sequined jumpsuit? We had no idea, so we gave it away.

On Tuesday I stopped in the new space to see what they had done to get it ready for the grand re-opening and to congratulate the new leaders. It is, in a word, spectacular. They somehow managed to turn a cold, damp basement space into a well-organzed resource for the city’s most needy citizens. I’ve been to retail stores that weren’t as well set up. The walls might be cinderblock and the floor might be crumbling cement, but the colorful signs and neatly folded clothing gives a warm welcome.

It is such a gift to pass the torch of leadership to those who can do a better job than I did!


~ by Sophia on January 24, 2008.

One Response to “Passing a torch”

  1. A pink sequined jumpsuit? You should have saved it for me!NOT!I’m glad to see you’re still blogging!

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