A real, live seminarian

Tonight was my first time on the acolyte rota. I finally feel like a real, live seminarian. I’ve really missed putting on an alb and serving at the altar. The last time I did that was Easter, but it feels like YEARS!!!!

We made a few mistakes but it was the wonderfully spiritual and relaxed family service, so nobody cared about what the acolytes were up to. The celebrant was a woman (yay, not enough of that around here!)

Tomorrow we have the imfamous MAP QUIZ, the first grade of any kind for the juniors. It’s only a minute percentage of our grade, but everyone is stressed. We have to know 100 items – mountains, lakes, rivers, cities, tribal areas, etc. on a map of the Holy Land and a map of the “known world” of ancient times. Quick quick – do you know where Tyre is, or the names of the tributaries of the Jordan? How about the location of Elaphantine? If you had lived in Phillistia, where would you have been?

Ah yes, geography. Good times here at Old Seminary.

In others news, my husband and I visited a very very Anglo-Catholic parish for church today. I liked it more than i wanted to. People were pretty nice. However, they clearly hadn’t had a girl priest-in-training for a while because I had to explain to a couple of people more than once that I am the seminarian and the husband is the law student. They weren’t really impolite about it, just adjusting their worldview on the fly I think.

Okay Sophia, repeat after me – you did not like that church all that much. They make high church look like a Baptist revival. You do not like that church. They have jewels on their chalices. This is not normal. You do not like that church. They have 7 sanctuary lamps – each the size of a person. This is not normal. You do not like that church. They have crucifixes that are bigger than you are. This is not normal. You do not have a special interest in the veneration of Mary. They say the Angelus. Often. You do not like this church. They have way too much testosterone. πŸ˜‰

Darn. Church by the Creek totally ruined my old broad church self. I found myself counting to make sure they rung bells at the right times, and I was bummed because I got distracted and missed the priest censing the altar. I love checking out people’s techniques. Yikes. Be afraid, be very afraid.


~ by Sophia on September 24, 2006.

2 Responses to “A real, live seminarian”

  1. Try St. Luke in the Fields in Greenwich Village…you’ll like it. Anglo-Catholic without all the fuss.And good luck with the map quiz. It always comes with suprises πŸ™‚

  2. The map quiz was, um, very slightly delayed and we had a very very good time. For the sake of those who come after me, that’s all I will say. But you know what I mean. πŸ™‚St. Luke’s is on my list of places I’m anxious to check out. They even have (drumroll please!) one of just 3 woman rectors in The City!

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