It’s finally official!

I am going to The Old Seminary in The Big City!

Now, God, please let someone fall in love with our house… someone who is pre-approved for a mortgage and would like to go to closing in mid-August… Please?



~ by Sophia on June 6, 2006.

7 Responses to “It’s finally official!”

  1. Congratulations! I hope seminary is wonderful and challenging and … survivable for you. I’m looking forward to following you for the next three years.And yes, there is a buyer out there. This would be the first of my “Have Faith” remarks. But I won’t be counting 🙂

  2. You are on the prayer list, Sophia!Very, very nice blog by the way…keep it up!Catherine+

  3. Thanks guys. Somebody is coming to see the house for the third time this weekend… We will be putting lots of effort into cleaning and straightening (even though it’s already cleaned and straightened) tonight.

  4. I graduated from that seminary last year. I loved every minute of my time there; I know everyone doesn’t but I did. If you ever want to email me I can answer questions, etc. I just found your blog via Mibi…Good Luck!

  5. Glad I facilitated you two getting together! Sophia, hang in there. your house will sell. It’s just taking longer these days than last year, when anything would have multiple offers above asking price. We took a haircut on what we asked, and didn’t fight it because we figured a bird in the hand was better than waiting for another offer. It will happen for you, too!Once you’re settled in to Old Sem in Big City, we should do a meet-up halfway between our two seminaries!

  6. in case you don’t get the message on Salty’s blog, I am going to Gnereal…and it sounds like you will be also…see ya’ there – soon!

  7. Sophia,Welcome to the Old Seminary. I don’t know if I met you when you were here visiting, but I look forward to seeing you when you arrive.Thanks for your thoughtful post on my blog about our new presiding bishop. It was just what I had been thinking and was very well said.cheers.Julie

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