A Palm Sunday to Remember

Yesterday at Church by the Creek was wonderful.

The procession at the early service was a bit chilly and squishy (due to torrential rain the day before) and the congregation didn’t process all that well, but they try hard. We were ready with time to spare (despite having something like 14 people serving at the altar and a double procession) before the early service – almost unheard of -but we made up for it by being REALLY late starting the second service.

I preached at both services. I didn’t preach about Palm Sunday (I was given permission not to) but instead on my experience as an intern in that parish. It seemed to go over well. People laughed in all the right places, my supervisor cried through the last third of the sermon, and nobody complained that it was too long! At the exchange of the peace everyone said they liked it. Some of the kids told me how much they would miss me. 😦

After all of the other announcements had been, well, announced, the acolyte master got up and said he had a presentation to make. He asked me to come to the altar rail and kneel, and presented me with their acolyte cross, usually given to people who have completed their first year of service. He said 6 months was close enough and that they had all loved serving with me. As I knelt there the deacon put the cross around my neck. Then all of the acolytes (adults and children) in the congregation were called up to the rail. They formed a circle around me and placed hands on me while the acolyte master read a prayer for me on their behalf. His voice was shaking, I was shaking, and I thought I would fall over from the weight of all the people touching me. It was an amazing moment.

I am only at CBTC through Easter. I am going to try to absorb every detail of every minute of my time there during Holy Week. I will miss them and will especially miss their rector. She has spent hours and hours talking with me and I feel like we have just scratched the surface of things we could discuss. Sometimes in life you get to journey for a while with people who really speak your language…

Six months ago I could have never imagined the impact the little congregation in the old town by the creek would have on me, and now I can’t imagine my life without them.

I’ll say it again. Ugh. Transitions are really hard.


~ by Sophia on April 11, 2006.

3 Responses to “A Palm Sunday to Remember”

  1. ((Sophia))I felt very much the same when I left the parish where I’d been on placement just before ordination…and that was only 2 months! The good news is that you’ve now got another church family praying you through the process, another community that feels as sense of ownership in you when you are ordained (and who will probably invite you back to preach/celebrate at any opportunity) and the realisation that, though you weren’t sure you really wanted to be there, you can “bond” with all sorts of different Christian communities, not just the one which has been immediately formational for you. At least, that’s how it worked for me…Have a blessed Holy Week and Easter x

  2. The bright side: The memories of CBTC will carry you when its almost impossible for you to carry yourself. They’ll provide sermon fodder for years. It’ll be the place you go to reconnect and stay connected.Transitions are hard, especially for those of us who hate change with a passion. As always, hugs and prayers for you and Computer Guy.

  3. Be so blessed 🙂 transititions are hard, but God is with you. Amen?

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