I spent the last 1 1/2 days at a prospective students’ conference at a seminary in New York City.

I should be absolutely thrilled, fascinated, etc. It is a pretty amazing place. I am so excited about the classes I have to take, the worship, the community life, the field placements, and heck, let’s not forget THE CITY. Problem is, I’m too overwhelmed by all the info they threw at us to feel anything BUT overwhelmed at the moment. I have a mountain of paperwork to get through in order to apply and find a way to pay for it, etc.

The conference schedule was clearly designed by an extrovert. It was packed with zero room for down time. I need “rock” (as in crawl under a rock and hide) time once in a while. There was none.

I am feeling like a tiny little fish in a big ocean filled with more experienced, more qualified, more spiritual, more mature fish right now.

I know this will all get better eventually but right now I’m just overwhelmed.


~ by Sophia on February 21, 2006.

6 Responses to “Overwhelmed”

  1. You just reminded me of a funny story about being a prospective student that’s too long for a comment, so I’ll post it on my blog.Even extroverts are wearied by all this.All will be well.

  2. Um … not to be biased or anything, but have you looked at SWTS? Okay, I’m biased.

  3. Everyone I talk to is biased – the GTS grads, the EDS grads, the VTS grads, the Yale grads… oh, and the SWTS grads. 🙂Can’t say I’ve talked to anyone who went to Nashotah House or Trinity… somehow I know I just wouldn’t fit in. 😉I’m not planning to look at SWTS. My diocese has strong ties to GTS, it’s a reasonably short distance from NYC to our families (no worries about affording airfare), my husband really wants to live/attend grad school in the NY area, etc.Sorry. 😦

  4. Deeeeeep breathes.

  5. Well, my bishop suggested a place that would stretch me a bit outside my comfort zone, and he was right.

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