Worth getting up for

I am still somewhat sick. My back and shoulders are sore from coughing. My doctor says I have a cold combined with a nasty flare up of asthma. I am taking a bunch of drugs and beginning to get better.

I didn’t sleep much Sat night because I was up coughing. I finally discovered I could breathe if I propped myself up on pillows. Unfortunately, this is not the most comfortable sleeping position. When the alarm went off Sunday AM (WAY too early) I felt like someone had run me over with something and then tried to drown me. I did not want to get up and go to Church by the Creek. Not even a little bit. Things were made worse by a slick coating of snow and ice on everything and the fact that we were supposed to have the first pageant rehearsal during the early service.

After a shower and taking about 4 different drugs for my cold and asthma symptoms, to which I added advil for my sore muscles, I finally began to feel like I might be able to get through the morning.

Computer Guy scraped off the car and we were off, slipping and sliding down the road to CBTC. “I bet nobody will even come because of the weather” I said grumpily.

Wow was I wrong. It seemed like EVERYONE was there, ready for the first pageant rehearsal, a parish meeting on the budget, breakfast cooked for everyone by some of the men, the annual cookie sale, and, oh yeah, the Sunday service. It was a ZOO.

I was SO GLAD that I had pulled my pathetic, whining self out of bed.

I read the story for this year’s pageant to the kids (a version of “Why the Chimes Rang” that I’ve updated for modern audiences) and they “got it” right away. When I gave out the parts they all CHEERED for each kid as he or she was assigned a character. What a nice group of kids!

Before we took the kids upstairs for Communion the deacon told me that the vestry had decided to give me $1000 to spend on gift cards for Camp Coast Care, a hurricane relief center that the Diocese of Mississippi is running. I was stunned. I thought I was going to have $500 to work with. During the announcements I got to stand up and describe the hurricane relief work that the Diocese of Miss. Is doing and tell the congregation that the money would buy gift cards so families can shop for the things they need.

At the budget meeting after the service there was some serious discussion about the financial situation for the upcoming year, and then a dramatic unveiling of t-shirts for the pledge drive. All of the vestry members and the clergy stripped off whatever they had on to reveal the shirts –

The front of each says “I upped my pledge”

And the back says “Up yours.” (and in smaller print) “St. So and so’s pledge drive 2005”

How funny. Only at Church by the Creek could people get away with this. Everyone thought it was hysterical.

And there was breakfast (they went through 180 eggs!) and a cookie sale and …

As I said, it was a zoo. But a fun, warm, exciting zoo full of life that I was really glad I got out of bed to be part of.


~ by Sophia on December 5, 2005.

2 Responses to “Worth getting up for”

  1. I love the t-shirt. Tee hee.Glad you felt strong enough to go to church. Sounds like a great place to be an intern!

  2. weird I almost posted into madalices blog as it came up as I was about to postanywayGLAD you were able to get to church today. I think the spirit and the generation of the congregation and the fun of hte shirts etc will bless youbut take it easy adn really get well. OK?

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