I wouldn’t have believed it…

…but I saw it with my own eyes.

It was on the lawn of an Episcopal Church here in Small Old Fashioned Town.

I was out for a stroll after dinner. Computer Guy and I were walking hand in hand with the Mutt trotting along beside us. The weather was unusually balmy for an evening in November, and the sky was moonlit.

And there it was, without explanation. A monstrosity of red, white, green and blue plastic.


I kid you not.


~ by Sophia on November 15, 2005.

4 Responses to “I wouldn’t have believed it…”

  1. I’m curious why that is so hard to believe.Is Santa not an Episcopal kind of thing to do?

  2. oh a picture is in order for this one!!! Surely not.

  3. boo, its not even Advent I yet.Eric, fellow blogging episcopalian.

  4. It’s still there! I drove by and checked last night. I told WIse Clergywoman about it and she was appropriately horrified. 🙂It’s wrong on so many levels – it’s not even Advent yet, and it’s symbolic of the materialistic and secular side of Christmas, and it’s really just pretty tacky!I will post a photo soon.

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