Monday mornings are such a let down after weekends spent at Church by the Creek.

Some conversations worth repeating:

Kind older parishioner “You know, we’ve really lucked out with the different interns that have worked with us”
Me “How many have you had?”
KOP “oh, I think about 3, plus you. You know, if we didn’t like you, you would have been gone before the end of the first month. Wise Clergywoman only agrees to take the best people.”
Me “Hmm… I thought she got a call from Canon So and So saying “this person is working with you starting Sunday, let us know what you think of her” “
KOP “Oh, no, Wise Clergywoman wouldn’t let that happen. Really, if she didn’t like you, you would have been out of here very quickly.”
Me (glancing over at Wise Clergywoman, who has apparently been listening to the conversation and is nodding) “Oh.”

Discussing timing of upcoming activities in a planning meeting –

Parishioner “Well, we could do that, but then we’d have to cancel the late service.”
Wise clergywoman “I still it’s a good idea”
P “But, what about the service?”
WC “We can still have it”
P “How?”
WC “Do you have any idea how fast I can say Mass?”
Stunned silence and then laughing from the group. WC is (usually) one of the most reverent people we know regarding the Eucharist. WC tries to back peddle and finally gives up, laughing.


~ by Sophia on November 14, 2005.

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