Maybe this is silly

but I’ve changed the name I’m blogging under.

It was beginning to feel like people I know could run across this blog. I’m not very easy to confuse with anyone else if you put together everything you could find out about me here, so I felt like the user name should at least keep people guessing a bit.

It’s hard. It means a lot to me to be a part of the blog world. I essentially have no colleagues in my real life. Nobody to sit around a seminar table with and say “this thing happened at Church by the Creek. What do you think I should do?”

I stand out demographically in my part of Churchland. My mere existence in The Process is an actual topic of conversation. Young priests are desperately needed, and candidates are not exactly turning up in droves.

It’s pretty scary. No pressure. Really.

I’m a bit nervous about people figuring out who this blog belongs to, and at the same time I get tired of changing details when telling stories. Sigh.


~ by Sophia on October 20, 2005.

5 Responses to “Maybe this is silly”

  1. Sophia’s a lovely, theologically-resonant name, and one I’m considering for a future daughter. After Julian. The first girl is definitely Julian. Anyway, your reasons are sound. I <>think<> I’m okay on the candor thing, but I definitely worry.

  2. Sympathetic hugs…It’s a real stinker, isn’t it!But as Anna says Sophia is a wonderful name anyway (would have used it for Darling Daughter if a cousin in law hadn’t bagged it immediately before her arrival)

  3. When I was in high school Spanish we had to pick a Spanish name to use in class.Since there is no Spanish equivalent for my name, I went through a few different ones – Isabel, Sonia, and Sofia.I like it better with a ph. With an f it’s just too close to Sofa, as in couch. 🙂And the theological aspect of it was a consideration…

  4. Not silly at all. I understand your concern entirely.Sophia is a great choice for a name!

  5. sophia = wisdomwise choice and a beautiful name tooI love the church by the creek stories 🙂

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