Too Quiet

It has been too quiet here since Friday night when I got home from work.

Computer Guy and my Rite 13 kids are away on retreat. I wanted to go so badly, but I needed to stay home so I can be at Church by the Creek tomorrow AM.

I LOVE youth retreats. All that singing, unconventional worship, fresh air, and kids having a good time makes me very happy. I love that when we take the youth on retreat they suddenly are able to unplug and just be. I am amazed when kids who claim to be unable to separate themselves from their iPods or gameboys can be found playing cards or dodgeball for hours on end. When I talked with Computer Guy earlier today he reported that the boys had been rolling down hills until they were dizzy and covered in mud. How fun! πŸ™‚ He also reported being asked what time morning prayer is (optional worship scheduled at 7 AM!)

Miracles happen on retreats. I’m sure of it. I can still remember, in great detail, the retreats I went on when I was Rite 13 age.

This is going to sound silly to all of you out there who have to be away from your spouses often, but I miss Computer Guy. I know it’s just a weekend, but still. I’ve actually enjoyed having some time to myself, but now I’m done. Ready for human contact again.

I know. I’m ridiculous.


~ by Sophia on October 15, 2005.

2 Responses to “Too Quiet”

  1. not ridiculous ! lovely, and wonderfulYou reminded me that miracles do happen in our midst. I am so glad for your youth. I wonder does part of the miracle lie in the fact that it IS in unconventional worship that the youth have space to find God even when rolling in the mud? Sometimes I think us staid golden oldies need to do that too. Wish someone would organise an unconventional weekend retreat where we could express our love for God in new and wonderful know what I think miracles would happen in our midst if we let down our hair and rolled in the mud too πŸ™‚

  2. Hey Steph,Just wanted to let you know I finally found time to catch up and read your blogs. Thanks for letting me share this process with you this way. I hope Computer Guy is home safe with you and that you survived ok . . . πŸ™‚ BTW, My Love might be coming with me to NY in November – how nice is that?!

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