Need advice on vestments!

I will post some stories about my internship at Church by the Creek soon.

Right now I’m wondering if anyone has good advice on where to get vestments. I need a cassock, surplice, and alb.

I am trying to find vestments that are reasonably priced and decent quality.

Does anyone have any recommendations on fabrics and styles of albs? I am allowed any style, with or without cincture.

Also, any advice on sizing, especially for cassocks? I am short and chubby. Most cassocks I’ve found seem to only be sized by height. This is not going to work for me! I have to wear the cassock without the surplice in public for hours at a time, so I need something that is not tight across the bust, etc.


Thanks. 🙂


~ by Sophia on October 4, 2005.

4 Responses to “Need advice on vestments!”

  1. Try these folks (I got their name from Quotidian Grace after whining about the awful clerical blouses. I’ve ordered one blouse from them, which is now on backorder, so I can’t speak from personal experience, but others have told me their stuff is good, and certainly a tad more reasonably priced than whipple and almy. course, if you want something a bit more radical, check these outfits out: you picture these at Yale Divinity?

  2. Womenspirit is great for blouses. However, they don’t do cassocks, and I don’t personally like the alb styles I’ve seen of theirs.I have an Almy year-rounder Roman cassock and am pleased with it, both in terms of fit and in terms of value. I myself am quite small (which presents its own challenges), but many various-sized classmates of mine also have Almy cassocks, both Roman and Anglican style, and the fit is quite good for all of us.The simplest, most universally appropriate and convenient alb option seems to be the basic Almy cassock alb. I’m also looking for an alb right now and there’s some further discussion about albs over on my blog at if you’re interested.

  3. Surprisingly, one woman told me she found vestments on ebay, but I only found patterns to sew one’s own. You may have better luck, though.

  4. We haven’t ventured into vestments yet, but if you want to join a discussion about women’s clerical wear, hit up Good luck!

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