Thinking about Rita

Sitting in the lobby of my office right now is a husband, wife, and baby and their luggage from 1 week of traveling. They are the sister and brother in law of one of our faculty members. They are waiting for her to finish teaching a class so they can ride home with her.

This family was in our area visiting family and friends. They were supposed to fly back to the Texas coast today.

Obviously they will be staying here in the Northeast for now. They believe that they will lose their home when Rita makes landfall. If that is the case, all they will have in the world is sitting in our lobby right now.

My grandmother and one of my aunts share a house here in my area, which they just sold. They were supposed to be moving to Houston on Sat. to live with my other aunt and uncle while they wait for their new place to be available in December. My Texas aunt is here helping them pack. These two aunts and my grandmother are now staying at my parents’ house. My uncle is in Houston, and I am not sure when or if he is leaving.

I’m praying for everyone.


~ by Sophia on September 22, 2005.

One Response to “Thinking about Rita”

  1. We’re praying with you, Steph…I’m just back from our early morning Eucharist, which is a tad less formal, so we were really able to engage with some of the fears and sadness that folks must be feeling now.

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