Slight update

I say slight update because I do not actually know much yet re: the interview. I am waiting to hear if I am being recommended for the next step, etc.

I felt it went well. My rector says he is extremely optimistic based on the conversations he participated in. I am very very relieved that it is over, and I am looking forward to finding out what comes next. Those aspirants who are allowed to proceed will do a short internship in another congregation. They told us we would know all the details this week.

I even managed to enjoy myself and chat with the other aspirants, introduce myself to the COM folks who weren’t assigned to my interview, and have enough energy left over to feel like I sounded at least semi-articulate when chatting with the bishop at the end of the morning. Schmoozing, working the room, etc. is not my strong point.

On a different topic, thank you to everyone who commented on my Gen X rant. I was thinking about going back and editing it because it was a bit harsh (my poor fellow parishioners – I don’t think they really deserved that attack!) but I may just leave it as is. I feel like SOMEONE has to say it, especially since many Gen Xers were driven away from their childhood churches long ago by a variety of things “done and left undone” on the part of clergy, other parishioners, etc. Often, this was mostly by neglect. To make matters worse, I don’t feel like most churches have learned their lesson – at least they are not showing it in the way they treat the generation coming after mine.


~ by Sophia on September 19, 2005.

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