Gen X and cranky

Tomorrow I have a postulancy interview, and since i need to be up at 0 dark hundred hours (on a Sat AM – yuck!), I’m going to make this quick.

I am feeling cranky about some churchy things.

1) Ministry to people in their 20’s and 30’s is called Ministry to Young People. ON THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH USA! This is insulting. I checked with Computer Guy. He agrees.

Young people? My Rite 13 kids are young people. My undergraduate work study students are young people, just barely. I, however, am not YOUNG PEOPLE! I am younger than most members of your average Episcopal church, yes, this is true. But I have a life. I am an adult with adult responsibilities. I am not a stranger from a distant land (even if I am, be nice to me any way). I am not of another species. I am an Episcopalian sitting in the pew next to you, praying just as hard as you, trying just as hard to figure out what the Gospel says and then trying to follow it!

Which brings me to the topic of how the Rite 13 and J2A kids and my undergrads and the 5 year olds in the Christmas pageant ARE NOT THE CHURCH OF THE FUTURE! They are the church of TODAY! But that’s another rant for another time.

2) The links to Gen X related things and groups on the Episcopal Church USA website are broken. Yep, that’ll bring us in. We Gen Xers LOVE broken hyperlinks. Shows us how much ya really care.

3) Some folks I know live under a rock.

My rector mentioned in last week’s sermon that every new family/person under 40 that has joined our congregation in the last year checked us out online first. Now, my reaction to that is DUH. Not having a website is like shooting yourself in the foot. I’m never sure about organizations without one; I kind of wonder if they want me to show up and/or buy their product. Anyway, some folks asked Computer Guy if this was really true. He nodded. Shock and awe followed. Sigh. And we wonder where all the young families are…

I’m sure there’s more. Sorry folks. I hope I didn’t irritate anyone too much. I get tired of being the voice crying in the darkness all of the time. And besides, according to the description of a priest in the discernment paperwork, a priest is supposed to be able to approach the Church from the perspective of both one who supports and of one who challenges. So consider this part of The Process. Tonight I’m in challenge mode.

It’s for your own good, Episcopal Church.

Topics for next time –

“Why a praise band at one of your services won’t change the fact that some of your congregants are mean to Gen x ers” and the related topic “Stop clamoring for grandchildren – we’re just trying to find a job… spouse… place to live we can afford… grad school that wants us… place in this world… something to believe in…”


~ by Sophia on September 16, 2005.

7 Responses to “Gen X and cranky”

  1. Somewhere between lol and tears here…not sure how one does a rueful grin emoticom…but be comforted in adversity by the fact that, in this particular bit of the good old C of E, I am treated as the “young curate” at the tender age of 45. I have an 18 year old daughter, for heavens sake, but the congregation clearly see me as an enfant terrible! Aaargh.Prayers for your interview process…keep us posted.

  2. LOL, Kathryn, I’m the ‘youngster’ as well, at 42! People in my church get all excited when they see new members in the 40-50 age range, because that means probably no noisy babies. (Although they have been faked out on that one a few times…some 40-somethings do have babies.)

  3. Best wishes today. I hope all goes well.The senior pastor that I work with had been ordained for 10 years when I was born. Some days it helps when I remember that — other days it just makes me sad.

  4. Back when I was in my twenties, I visited a church one Sunday. A very nice 60ish lady invited me to coffee hour “to meet some of our other young women.” The first person she introduced me to had just returned from dropping her YOUNGEST daughter off at college. I was only three years out of college myself. Okaaaaaaaaaay . . . little perception problem there

  5. you are so right, Steph, about all of this and esp the bit about children BEING the church. the way we push kids out of church at every opportunity, and then bemoan their lack of involvement when they become teenagers is just dumbfounding to me.thanks. first time to your site – I’ll be back! 🙂

  6. Hugs for yesterday, Steph. I hope it went well.

  7. and I’m of the golden oldie generation in our church (45) where most are 19-30 .. what’s a good term for these people. They aren’t young adults (too old) but they are young people in many church I know call them 20 ups … sounds like a drink or something!!HELP!

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