Fall is my absolute favorite time of year, so I couldn’t resist doing this…

Favorite fall dessert: Apple pie or apple crisp
Holiday: Thanksgiving
Best fall memory: Marrying Computer Guy in November 2002
Worst fall memory: September 11, 2001
Most puzzling fall memory: Trying to explain hay rides, winter, snow, nor’easters, and appropriate cool weather dress to college freshman from desert regions
Best thing about fall walks: kicking through piles of leaves
Favorite fall chore: Baking apple based things, getting out blankets and warm fuzzy clothes
Least favorite fall chore: Raking/blowing/moving leaves
Best change in the home: Windows open, candles burning, using the oven without feeling like you’re killing the a/c
Favorite flower: Sunflower, marigolds
Best tree in the fall: Any tree with beautiful fall foliage
Fall ritual: Welcoming back the students, curling up on the couch watching Eagles football with Computer Guy, celebrating CG’s birthday, the anniversary of our engagement, and our wedding anniversary
Most frustrating thing about fall: When it turns warm for a few days after I really think the cool weather is here to stay
Favorite childhood game: bobbing for apples
Favorite childhood memory: Hayrides, Halloween costumes and parties and trick or treating
Favorite decorations: marigolds, pumpkins, entire corn stalks
Favorite clothing: Jeans, turtlenecks, and the return of socks
Best scenery: In the mountains
Best fall travel tip: Don’t get frustrated with the crowds when traveling for Thanksgiving – instead be amazed at the universality of this distinctly American holiday. Also, Fall is my favorite time of the year for camping
Favorite drink: Apple cider whether hard or not
Best method of transportation: Hay wagon or horseback
Traditional fall candy: Not a fan of candy corn – chocolate is best 365 days a year. Caramel apples are pretty good though
Favorite Sound: Rain, geese flying south
Best for fall sex: cold nights requiring very close snuggling under blankets. chilly mornings are good too
Fall song: um… How about those fun Halloween songs from elementary school? “Five Little Pumpkins” or something like that
Reliable prediction: I will buy more turtlenecks
Best fall television show: Definitely Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin


~ by Sophia on September 15, 2005.

One Response to “Fall”

  1. ooh… this being my fourth “autumn” in southern california… i’m green with envy (and so are all the leaves on the trees… no golds and reds here!).enjoy!!

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