God bless Texas

I have listened to New Orleans local tv station coverage on the internet while at work and at home all week, and I watched about 3 hours of network coverage last night. I don’t think my husband and I have done anything but obsess about the hurricane since Monday. It feels kind of sick and voyeuristic to keep watching the images of despair over and over again. At the same time I feel like i must keep some kind of personal vigil, not forgetting as I go about my day that there is a terrible tragedy happening. And yet it occurs to me that that is what I do 365 days a year, for there is never a day without human suffering somewhere. We do not know anyone in the area and in fact have never been to that part of the South. Regardless, as a human being I am just appalled and horrified and saddened and a million other things about what’s going on there.

I’m not even sure this post has a point. I know we’re all appalled and disturbed, constantly checking CNN, trying to find out where people are if we know someone there. etc. I know we are all praying and feeling miserable about our inability to “make it better”. I know that I am not the only one who has given thanks for every material thing, for the husband snoring next to me in bed and the dog snoring on the bedroom floor, for a job, food, air conditioning, water, medical care, etc. over the last few days.

I just, I don’t know, I just need to write about it. I guess i thought we could do better than this. I guess I believed it when the government said we were prepared for disasters. I don’t usually get this miserable about things, but I’m so frustrated at what I’m hearing and seeing.

About the only thing I’m impressed with right now is the effort to help evacuees going to Texas. With apologies to my cousin (and all other Texans) reading this blog, I have to admit I’m not a fan of Texas. Too red state, too much unplanned sprawl, too much intrusion into private decisions people make about sex and religion, too much barbecue :-), too many guns, etc. Too darn Texas. But I have to say, Lone Star State, nice job being willing to take in tens of thousands of people who are not only refugees but were already some of the poorest people in the US. Even with federal resources you will really have your work cut out for you trying to care for all of these people.


~ by Sophia on September 1, 2005.

2 Responses to “God bless Texas”

  1. Apologies accepted. Texans have hearts as big as the state.Today Mayor Bill White of Houston announced that he is asking the county officials to open the Brown Convention Center, Jones Hall and the Reliant stadium to the evacuees as the Astrodome filled up. I was so proud when he said, when asked about the conventions and events already scheduled in those facilities “let them sue and explain to America that money is more important than lives.” Go Mayor White!

  2. Grace,Thanks for not taking my anti Texas babble personally!Texans should be very very proud of what they are doing. Absolutely astounding generosity and compassion. There is a possibility that Philly make take in 1000 families. I hope so.

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