Trying to get inspired…

I went to see doctor today for an annual exam. She told me, nicely, that I really need to try to lose weight/get some exercise.

Now, I know this. I’ve known it for a long time. I am definitely out of shape and overweight. I could also use the stress relief that comes with working out, since this applying for postulancy to the priesthood thing is just a LITTLE stressful, on top of all the other details of everyday life.

There is a manager in my office who finally got up the nerve to join the gym here at Big Prestigious University. She says she doesn’t care about working out with all the skinny undergrads – she considers herself a warning to them! Not sure I have her confidence.

It’s not like I’ve never worked out before. I loved weight lifting when I was a teenager and have also done plenty of swimming, horseback riding (not the slow walk in the woods stuff- I did the English hunt seat – jumping over fences type stuff), canoeing, kayaking, etc. in the distant past. The canoeing was even somewhat recently.

The problem is that I am overwhelmed by how far I have to go, and intimidated by the whole thing. I have a choice between the small friendly gym around the corner from my house or the big state of the art gym a few blocks from my office at Big Prestigious University. One is much less intimidating but has less “stuff”, the other has amazing facilities and a pool where I could swim laps. But it comes with the aforementioned skinny undergrads.

The other question is how in the world would I fit this into my out of control schedule, especially if I’m supposed to add an internship sometime in the next couple of months? I just don’t know.


~ by Sophia on August 23, 2005.

7 Responses to “Trying to get inspired…”

  1. Dont know the answer…if I did, I might be doing a bit more about it mysel :-(. I fondly hoped that cycling around the parish might have some impact, but clearly not…but I’ve never done anything gym like, and the prospect terrifies me. Swimming might work, but as you say, WHEN????Let me know if you crack it….and how! Meanwhile, my commiserations!

  2. Steph,I recently decided to add exercise to my life, after a haitus from it for many years while I raised kids, worked, and completed seminary.The truth for me is that now that I am in full-time ordained ministry, I desperately need the stress relief, and I have discovered over the course of the past seven weeks (6 workouts a week) that it helps me to take care of others when I first take care of myself.I have a long way to go (probably 50 pounds or so until I am really at a healthy, maintainable weight) but the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.However you find a way to do it, if you want to e-mail me for support, just go to my blog and e-mail me from there. Maybe together we can accomplish this! By the way, welcome to the RGBP webring!

  3. If only there were a few more hours in the day! I’m in much the same place, even if not under doctors orders. I want to be healthy, and it’d be nice to feel a bit better about how I look. But finding time is hard, even though I ride my bike everywhere unless it’s raining. I’m thinking of signing up for an exercise class at a local adult ed center.. it’s only an hour each week, but it would at least get me started.

  4. Time. The challenge is always time. If it were only the exercise then fine, but it is the dressing and the showering and the getting there and the getting things set up, etc…My husband likes to bike and I will go with him but it is at least a 3 hour enterprise with getting the bikes ready, getting dressed, getting cleaned up afterwards and the actual bike ride somewhere in between.I realize I am not helping or telling you anything new.I guess I would say small steps. Start small and move forward from there. Have a 5 pound goal. Can you combine family time with exercise – a post-meal walk through the area, even 20 minutes?I will also add that as a college athlete often found working out in the gym, I was so wrapped up in myself I didn’t pay any attention to the non-students… unless they didn’t towel off the equipment afterwards.Good Luck!

  5. Yay for you! I’m in the same place and hoping to leave there. I walk on the treadmill at the student rec center at my University. Now that they are ALL coming back after being away for the summer, it’s a little harder to get onto a machine! I must persist. Let us persist together.

  6. Hi! I came across your blog! Its great you want to start working out! About half a year ago I started working out and eating properly. (I’m down 20 pounds….25 more to go). I find that diet has the biggest impact on your body. Plus…when women exercise…our cravings and hunger increase…so be careful..u dont need to eat much more just because you are working out. I’ve been kinda falling off the wagon..hard to stay focused with work…etc…. Good Luck! Stay focus…small goals! 🙂

  7. blessings on your health. As pastors – pastors to be – we need to keep ourselves in shape esp mentally, but physically too.I don’t mean super skinny either! But when I realised that I was getting out of breath too easily – I started walking the stairs. I’ve also banned food near the pc. snacking when I blog / study is definitely out!But the best thing was when we finally capitulated (took 6 years) and allowed our daughter (now 13) to buy a dog last summer. I’ve walked her a lot, met new people, and dropped a few kilos too. Best of all I’ve had time to be with God as I walk… 🙂be blessed and don’t be intimidated by those skinny undergrads, befriend them instead 🙂

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