Mountains are calling

Tomorrow Computer Guy and I are heading out for a much anticipated week on vacation. It is Computer Guy’s family’s annual family reunion vacation. About 14 of us usually get together and rent a house in the boonies in an eastern state. This year we will be in a very rural mountainous area. The house we are renting is literally on top of a mountain and has wonderful views. The state varies from year to year, but it must be no more then about 12 hours driving distance away from anyone. We have folks from NJ, NY, Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin that get together for this week once a year.

In the past I’ve been a bit ambivalent about this vacation week. When Computer Guy and I were first married I was a bit uncomfortable spending that much time with his parents. Back then we were all struggling to figure out how my in-laws and I would get along. My views on things are so different than theirs. Learning to love each other has meant finding out a bit of what unconditional love actually means. I don’t imagine that back when they were raising Computer Guy in a nondenominational church that frowns on female clergy specifically and career women in general that they ever imagined he’d marry a liberal, Anglo-Catholic woman who hoped to attend an Episcopal seminary. πŸ™‚

The other issue I have with the great Computer Guy family reunion week is that it’s a bit too much togetherness for me. My myers-briggs type is INFP. I love people, but I love them most when I get some time alone. I need battery recharging time and space. Hard to find in a house full of people.

This year, however, I’m really looking forward to it. I need to get away, out of my everyday chaos and the concrete jungle. I’m also in need of a break from Liberal Think Tank where I work. I would like to clear my head, spend some time with God, and get ready for the year ahead. The injured ankle means I can skip some outings without feeling guilty. I am going to bring a pile of books. I seem to be in the middle of about 7 books at once right now, so I’m looking forward to catching up. Specifically I’m going to start Fireweed Evangelism, which I just bought, and finish On Being a Priest Today. I think I’ll also bring A History of God and also Has God Only One Blessing (good one to leave out to spark discussion, if I’m brave). Maybe I’ll bring some lighter stuff too. Computer Guy and I read to each other before bed sometimes, and we were in the middle of an Orson Scott Card book before we stopped everything to read the Half Blood Prince. So maybe we’ll pick that up.

I am SO ready for vacation! Now we just have to finish the laundry, cut the weeds that pass for a lawn, water the plants, take the mutt to my parents’, get directions to where we’re going, write instructions for the cat sitter, pack our stuff (this always takes FOREVER,) and go!

I’m trying to think of a way to leave the office early today…


~ by Sophia on August 5, 2005.

2 Responses to “Mountains are calling”

  1. sounds lovely. HOpe your vacation is blessed. reading to hubby sounds great. I’m read HP6 to my 13 year old daughter and hubby sneaks in to listen, but that’s not quite the same thing LOL

  2. Thanks Lorna. We’re leaving any moment! πŸ™‚ I am so ready for vacation…My husband and I have found that reading to each other means we always have something in common to talk about even when our lives are pulling us in a thousand different directions. It’s been especially fun to read things that one of us loved as a teenager or whatever and the other never read.

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