The klutz strikes again…

I am a klutz. I have always been a klutz. I’m the kind of person who trips over things real and imagined all the time, usually because I’m not paying attention, in the middle of thinking about something else, talking to someone, etc. I’ve been lucky all these years to have never sustained a serious injury in my klutziness, just a lot of embarrassment and some skinned knees and sore ankles. When I got married I was so worried about doing something klutzy that I wore sneakers that my sister had decorated with lace and beading. Nobody could see them (my dad was horrified at my lack of appropriate footwear) 🙂 so I figured why not?

I also tend to jump into things with both feet (figuratively) and to bite off more than I can chew. My husband often says “eyes, meet stomach” to me when I announce one of my crazy new plans to clean out 4 closets in one day, plan the entire J2A calendar for the year before bedtime, or paint a room and do all the weeding in an afternoon.

It’s been a moving (of things and people, not emotions) weekend. My sister and her husband just bought their first house. We went over to help them clean and paint on Friday night. Saturday was spent with my Rite 13 kids moving into our new (well, new to us) classroom space. It was such a mess (it had been used for storage for a few years) that we spent 2 1/2 hours cleaning and moving junk that was supposed to have been moved for us already. The kids were able to get in about an hour of actual painting. They did some neat silhouettes of themselves in fun poses and planned how they would finish the rest of the room in September. Computer guy and I stayed for a long time after they left to paint murals on a section of wall we set aside for us. We did a REALLY cool 6 foot Celtic cross “stained glass window” on one wall. We used an overhead projector to project a stencil of the cross, etc. on the wall. We then traced the cross and the sections of window around it in black paint to be the leading of the window. We filled in the cross with gray paint and the rest of the “panes of glass” with vivid color. Computer guy wants to put the Celtic knot design on the cross in black next chance he gets. Very cool.

Okay so far, right? Well, today my sister and her husband were moving their furniture into the house. And that’s when my klutziness combined with my tendency to just jump into things got away from me. The move went really well (although my mom asked my siblings and I to make this the last “self move”). They had lots of family and friends there to help.

At some point we started taking things to the basement. I was carrying a big plastic storage tub that was too big and too heavy for me (not uncommon, refer back to “jumping in with both feet” and “biting off more than I can chew”) when I missed the last step before a landing. I went crashing down onto my left ankle with a loud clatter. Now, maybe I’m a wimp, but it really hurt. I thought I had actually broken it. There I was, sitting on the floor on top of my foot, with the contents of the storage container in a pile in front of me and everyone rushing to find out how injured I was. And I was whimpering. It really hurt. What a scene.

Computer guy and my sister got me off my foot and up the steps to the kitchen where my mom propped me and my ankle up with ice in the midst of the boxes. Ugh.

I can hobble around but it seems this is not one of those “just walk it off” injuries. I did get lucky that it’s not broken or badly sprained, but I am pretty darn annoyed with myself right about now. I take regional commuter rail plus a subway to work and back everyday. That’s about 11 flights of steps each way, and steps are not working for me at the moment. Sigh. Computer guy will drive me without a problem, but that’s not the point. I am not a good patient and I am irritated at myself for not being more careful. We are also going on vacation at the end of the week, and I suspect that this will put a damper on some hiking plans. Grrr…

Anyway, I better go and put ice on it. Computer guy is insisting that I need to ice it again, and I’ve been ignoring his advice for hours now…


~ by Sophia on July 31, 2005.

4 Responses to “The klutz strikes again…”

  1. Oh poor you….I’m rather prone to klutziness too (love that word…we don’t have it here, nor anything half as descriptive, sadly)so tend to be a liabiity if anything practical is going on. When we moved here, my teens and 11 year old were allowed to paint their rooms, no problem…but not their mother.And while on the subject of painting…that room sounds fantastic…What a blessing to have your own dedicated space for the kids…ours might be allowed a bit of a noticeboard to put up artwork, but have to share the parish centre with everyone else, so there’s little chance to really stake a claim. Yours sounds lovely.

  2. You certainly were lucky. I read somewhere sometime that stairs are the most dangerous things ever invented. Missing one can do major damage.Here’s hoping that you make a full recovery.Prayers and Blessings,

  3. Kathryn,Well, I don’t know if it’s all that lovely (in fact it was gross before the kids cleaned it up) but despite being in the church basement it’s got three windows and it’s our own space. I really believe that it helps for teenagers to have a “safe” space to meet in.You don’t have the word klutz? How interesting. I never realized that. Now that I think about it American English (at least in the Northeast) has a number of popular words that come from Yiddish. These include klutz, schlep (dragging things, such as luggage, a long way, or a long annoying walk somewhere) and kvetch (whining, complaining), etc.My husband and I have recently developed a fascination with British phrases, probably through spending a lot of time listening to the BBC on NPR, and from reading Harry Potter. I love “what are you on about” and the use of the word “liaise”. I’m also a big fan of the word queue (we use it here some, but not as much). 🙂Rev Ref,Thanks for the good wishes re: the ankle. It’s getting better, slowly. This is more about me being a lousy patient than anything else. Someone told me it’s to remind me to slow down. That’s probably true.

  4. Hi, Steph!I hope your ankle is feeling better by now. Look in your e-mail for the html code to add to your blog for the RevGalBlogPals webring. If you need help figuring out how to do it, there are instructions for Blogger at Just scroll down a few entries.Welcome!

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