Many meetings

Okay, more like just two. 🙂

Today I had lunch with a local priest I had never met before. She is actually around my age (hard to find) and was nice enough to answer my myriad of questions and tell me about her experiences. It was great to talk to someone in my generation about the process. Had an interesting discussion on whether gender or age can be more of an issue for congregations and committees.

Tonight I meet with my rector for a sort of post bishop meeting debriefing and to more or less touch base in general. I think we might spend some time talking about funerals as well. A couple of months ago I helped someone plan a funeral for a family member. The person planning the funeral hadn’t set foot in an Episcopal church (or just about any church) for something like 25 years. I kept encouraging her to work closely with the priest who would be doing the service. However, for whatever reason (they didn’t hit it off, she knows me and therefore is more comfortable with me, etc.) she kept coming to me for help until finally I had put together the bulletin for the entire service. I kept explaining that I had never planned a funeral before and that I was just following the rubrics and making educated guesses, but she kept coming back to me. It sounds like things went okay in the end and I didn’t make any major mistakes in the structure of the service.

So this is on my list of things to discuss with my rector tonight. I’m trying to figure out what I could have done differently to encourage her to work with the person who was actually doing the service. I didn’t mind helping her with it. However, I felt that I was somehow preventing her from working with someone who really knew what they were doing and could offer her pastoral support.

That reminds me, a great quote from that week (I was working on this in my office because the person planning the funeral works on my floor) “1979? Wow. Is that the newest prayer book you Episcopalians have? How outdated!” Ah, such is life in the liberal think tank where I work. I’m the office nut, since I am both liberal AND religious. My coworkers generally find these two things to be oxymoronic. It can get frustrating. They seem to believe that all problems can be solved by law, medicine, philosophy and science, and that a long range perspective means thinking about how they will celebrate when the current presidential term is up. As if those things that really matter can change drastically in 4, or even 8 years.

Oh, by the way, it’s hot. Really hot. Break into a sweat upon leaving the office hot. Yuck. One of our students is leaving soon for a year abroad in London. I’d leave RIGHT NOW. I’ll bet it’s cool and drizzling there. My kind of weather.


~ by Sophia on July 27, 2005.

2 Responses to “Many meetings”

  1. Well, here in Cheltenham it’s definitely chilly, damp and miserable…and my youngest has just departed for 10 days of Scout Camp.Are you sure you really want to trade climates??

  2. I do! I’m going to London next month and I can’t wait. DC is <>sweltering<>. Love the “outdated” prayer book comment. Did you tell your colleague you could always fish something up from 1662?

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