Thanks to Jane Ellen and Rev Ref for their friendly and reassuring comments.

I’ve been kind of a nut at every part of the process. I always relax, eventually. 🙂

In Feb 2004 around the time I first started meeting with my rector I discovered that the cathedral of my neighboring diocese (i.e. not the one I live in) is near my office. I started going there once a week. It’s very different from my home parish – completely different architecture, different worship style, extremely diverse (as church should be). This place has been a blessing to me through this process. It’s a place to be just me, a person walking in off the street to worship God. At my home parish I’m a J2A (Journey to Adulthood) leader and their first aspirant to the priesthood. Being anonymous is sometimes a very good thing!

Anyway, one day while there I met a newly ordained priest who had attended my first choice seminary. I wound up telling her that I’m in the process. Ever since then the folks there have been like an unofficial cheering section.

Today they told me that I shouldn’t worry about the bishop, that even the less warm and fuzzy ones are usually sympathetic. The clergy there think it’s the diocesan committee that’s worth stressing about. Stay tuned for that nervous breakdown in September!


~ by Sophia on July 12, 2005.

One Response to “Relaxing”

  1. So, you’ve “been kind of a nut at every part of the process…?” Welcome to the club!It’s always seemed telling to me that one of the first thing the church requires, when someone expresses a call to ordained ministry, is a psych exam– as though they have to prove you’re crazy enough to do the job!

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