Pigeon holed?

So last night at dinner I ask my husband if he read my first blog entry. He says yes and that it was good. I tell him I’m thinking of refering to him as computer guy in my blog. He is not happy. It seems that computer guy is just way too limiting for him! He wants to be known as so much more than computer guy! He is the type who wants to be the round peg that doesn’t fit the square hole. He’s proud not to be average. He thinks geek is a compliment.

Okay I say. you can be Bible boy. That’s what I used to call him when we were growing up and he was the fundamentalist Christian with what seemed like the entire Bible committed to memory and I was the Episcopalian kid who thought the whole religion thing was, well… Anyway, he didn’t like that so I suggested Bible man. He thought that was a bit better. Then I said what about tech guy. Not so thrilled. Sigh. For the record, my husband is a smart, kind, fun, affectionate person with many many talents, gifts, and unique traits that are too numerous to sufficiently describe in one phrase. So he’ll just be called computer guy. 🙂


~ by Sophia on July 1, 2005.

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