A beginning

I didn’t really plan on ever having a blog. That seemed more like something my husband (the computer guy) would do. However, ever since I’ve started what is referred to as The Process (the long list of things one must do to become a priest in the Episcopal Church) I’ve wanted to write about the experience. Also, I’ve been inspired by some clergy and clergy in training blogs and thought it was time to try my own.

Not that I think anyone will be interested in what I write. My life working for Big Prestigious University, my group of Rite 13 kids, my home congregation, my house, husband, and mutt – none of these strike me as exciting for anyone else to read about. Oh well. 🙂

I decided to call my blog I Will Sing because that’s something I do, and have always done. I can’t remember when I started singing. I’m not bad, but I’m not a fabulous solo voice either. Just someone who can carry a tune, sing alto or soprano as needed (I’m actually a solid soprano II) and can more or less read the music. I love to sing – anywhere, anytime. Singing was one of my favorite things about camp and Girl Scouts. Musicals may seem silly to some people – why would a factory full of oppressed workers suddenly burst into “At the end of the day…” in Les Miserables, you might ask. I never have to ask. It always makes sense to me. I don’t sing most of the time (especially while listening to iTunes on my headphones on my office computer) because it’s just not socially acceptable. There are those people on the subway who sing anyway, but, well, as I was saying…

In the Bible there are a number of places where one can find this phrase. I’ve sung the Song of Moses as a solo at the Easter Vigil for the last two years, and it starts “I will sing to the Lord, for He had risen up in might.” Cool. In church choirs we always say “He (or she, for that matter!) who sings prays twice.” I’d like to think that’s true.

Which brings me to a somewhat deeper meaning of the phrase I Will Sing. The act of singing, and of forcefully declaring that you will sing, is symbolic. I will sing – when things are wonderful, when I’m in love, when it’s a nice day, when it’s Christmas Eve, when it’s Easter morning and we’ve just declared “The Lord is risen indeed!” But I will also sing when life is going badly, when it’s miserable outside, when my voice is breaking because you can’t really sing and cry at the same time, when I am lost and alone. And I will sing, regardless of whether I am one voice unaccompanied or whether thousands join me. It’s about joy, confidence, courage, faith, and knowing who my God is and what matters to me.


~ by Sophia on June 30, 2005.

5 Responses to “A beginning”

  1. Welcome to the blogiverse! Your title makes me think of the hymn, “What Wondrous Love is This.” A great choice.I’ll never set the world on fire with an incredible voice, either; but happy or sad, there is always a song in my head and heart, and sometimes it just has to come out. It’s always good to learn of others who deal with life that way as well.Hang on to that– I found it to be a great survival tool when dealing with the vagueries of The Process. (^_^)

  2. Welcome! You never know who might take an interest in your blog, you know… That’s part of the fun.As far as singing in various places goes, if there’s one thing that seminary taught me it was not to worry about “socially acceptable.” If you need to sing… SING. 🙂

  3. Welcome indeed.I hope that you can find fun and helpful ways to use this blog. I fnid them great fun!Peace.

  4. Nothing like joining in way way down the line, but hello and welcome to blogdom.I’ve just been ordained priest and my “ember card” which I’ve been giving out to friends and congregation (sadly not always the same thing) says“The Lord is my strength and my song…” for all sorts of similar reasons.Without His song inside me, there would be nothing to sing about…but with it, how can I keep from singing?Having relatively recently emerged from the discernment/selection/training process of the C of E, I’ll definitely be really interested in hearing how things work on your side of the Pond.Blessings for your journey.Kathryn

  5. Welcome, both to the blogiverse, and to the process!I’m a clergy spouse. (My wife graduated with Jane Ellen.) I work in the high-tech industry, so I suspect Computer Guy and I might just have something in common.Pax,

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